Reply when you can

A reply email icon

Two weeks ago, I had a conversation with a friend. He was complaining about the expectation people have of receiving an instant reply whenever they send out a message. Although he and I laughed about it and joked about people who check whatsapp once a week, the conversation stayed in my head. My friend was making a very valid point: we feel the need to stay connected to data all the time and share the expectation that everyone else is. As a result, people expect you to reply messages as soon as they send them.

The problem with thinking that way is people get annoyed when they don’t get replies a few seconds after sending a message (especially if the app says the recipient is online). This would be funny except it has real world consequences for relationships. Everyone has a friend who is notorious for never replying messages on time. The one who fails to confirm they are available for the weekend hangout you planned and shows up at the last minute. We blame that friend for ruining our weekend plans. You all know of a couple who had a fight because one of them failed to reply a message until two hours later.

An open envelope with a loudspeaker coming out of it
You might as well shout “Reply when you see this.”

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Are all those whatsapp groups adding value to your life?

The Whatsapp logo cancelled

How many whatsapp groups are you in? How many add value to your life? How many were you added to without your consent? A lot of people are in whatsapp groups they would rather not be in simply because they can’t leave without other group members knowing and they want to avoid hurting the group admin’s feelings.

From extended family groups to project team groups to the group your friend created to discuss the latest MMM type scam, whatsapp groups are becoming a huge distraction. Even when a group has been set up for a valid purpose, it’s hard to stop members making irrelevant posts. Some members now post irrelevant content and immediately apologise saying it was sent in error. These “accidents” have become all too common for some people.

Silhouette of a crowd. The whatsapp icon is coming out of their heads
It takes a village to make a whatsapp group

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