Don’t try to remember it

A sticky note

Someone once told me “the faintest pencil is better than the strongest memory.” I didn’t take him as serious as I should have back then. Not until the day I forgot to turn in a report on time because my memory convinced me the report was due the next day.

Our memories are unreliable. Our brains are designed so we forget most of the information we are exposed to within a short period of time. This is a good thing because frankly speaking most of the information we are exposed to is useless. You don’t need to remember how many people you drove past on your way to work this morning or the colour of each individual tile you stepped across today. Unless there is a good reason for remembering something eg your livelihood depends on it, you will probably forget it after a few hours.

Forgot something?
You probably didn’t write it down

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Don’t be so quick to pay for that app

Nine buttons. Each has the word "App" written on it.

I have been asked a few times whether I think paying for a productivity app is worth it. All the personal productivity apps I have used have been free and I am still yet to pay money for any productivity app. I know people who use a notebook and pen for all their planning. Some of them are the most productive people I have ever known.

A phone screen with many app icons
How many of them are useful?

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The perfect productivity app does not exist

A generic menu logo

I wrote an article about some of my favourite productivity apps earlier this year. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to try many of them. Sometimes, a friend would recommend an app and I would try it out just to see what features it has and rate its ease of use.

A few weeks ago, someone who read my article told me they had downloaded all the apps I had recommended and were using them all. I thought this was unnecessary and most likely would result in decreased productivity for him. I asked him which was his favourite among the apps he had tested so far? He chose Evernote. I recommended he stick with that and leave the rest for now. Evernote is likely to meet his personal productivity needs.

A cellphone screen with many app icons
Too many apps spoil productivity

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Great apps for improved personal productivity

A mobile phone with app logos coming out of it

Simplicity is the hallmark of genius. A case could be made that the only personal productivity tool you need is a notebook and a pen. Devices have become a constant source of distraction for some people. Such people may find it easier and more productive to plan their days using a simple leatherbound diary instead of a device. I, on the other hand disagree. This is the 21st century and technology can make your daily planning easier. If you are always unlocking your phone to check the latest popup notification, you probably need to work on developing a healthy digital lifestyle for you.

I use some apps for different functions such as note taking, to-do lists and task management. Today, in no particular order, I will present some of my favourite personal productivity apps and how I use them.

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