Knowing when to Quit

One of the greatest lies you will ever hear from a motivational speaker is that “Winners never Quit.” According to some people, anyone who quits is forever doomed to join the inescapable path of losers. Such a person, they claim, is not suited for greatness. That’s a lie. Productive people know to leave a goal when it is no longer serving their interest.

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Why you have work-life balance wrong?

The first time I decided to take an active interest in work-life balance was when I found out that the Japanese have a word for Death by overwork: Karoshi. Prior to that, the idea that someone could become so invested in their work to the point of neglecting other aspects of life until it literally kills them had never occurred to me. Over the years, I have come to realise that most people reach the point of overwork through good intentions.

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What’s your team metric?

What do you work on first thing in the morning? What are your team working on this week? How long did it take you to answer? How many items did you list? In Good to Great, Jim Collins writes “If you have more than three priorities, you don’t have any.” Yet these days it’s quite common to hear Managers talking about team priorities (in plural with emphasis) rather than admitting they have lost sight of the goalpost.

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