2021 End of Year Post

This has been an interesting year for this blog. I reached 5,000 all time views which means some people actually read what I write. It began with a simple idea. How do I help more people become more effective at what they do? Personal productivity has been an area of interest of mine for quite some time. In 2019, I resolved to do something with that interest. I started a blog. When I committed to a weekly schedule, I was afraid I’d run out of topics to write about within a year. It’s been three years already and that hasn’t happened. It seems each day comes with a new personal productivity challenge.

My hand about to strike a keyboard
Each post was typed one at a time
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Keep your notes handy

If someone were to tell you a small but important piece of information right now, how prepared are you to capture and store that piece of information? I ask this question because over the years, I have seen some very interesting (and some very cringeworthy) attempts to take notes. The most interesting one has to be when a friend sent me a long whatsapp message containing a list of seemingly unrelated items followed by this message: Ignore. I just need a place where I can see this. Quick hint: Don’t use chat applications as a substitute for a good note-taking app.

Notepad with pen
How prepared are you to take notes
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2020 Gratitude list

Thank you for your kindness

It’s the last Thursday of 2020. As I sit here to think about everything that has happened during the year, one feeling I get is how long it seems. We have all had to deal with a lot of stress this year. The Pandemic is still ongoing. We are facing a second wave of infections. 2019 seems like such a long time ago.

Like many of you, I started the year with many ideas and plans. Unfortunately, Corona had other ideas. I endured months of lockdown. By the time the first Quarter was over, I was starting to realise there was no way things could continue as usual. I had to accept my Personal Development Plan for the year had to change. The “New normal” was affecting everyone and everything.

100 and counting
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Today can be the new beginning

Make today amazing

How are you holding up? If you are still alive and healthy, that’s a lot to be thankful for this year. The pandemic is still ongoing and different places are adapting to it differently. Earlier in the year, you probably had to accept the painful reality that you are no longer on track to achieve your goals. No one was prepared for the pandemic. It was a lot to take in.

Not all people and industries adapted fast enough. Some were able to come up with ways to ensure they continued working. Many teams had to learn to work from home. The transition has not always been easy and some people do not have the luxury of being able to do that. If you have found a way to continue working remotely, that’s great.

A cat meowing at a man working on a laptop
Is this your new normal?
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Lessons from my Paradigm Initiative Journey

Yesterday (15th November, 2019), I left my position as Program Officer for the DakataLIFE program at Paradigm Initiative. When I first joined PI in 2016, I was required to hit the ground running. The 2016A class had already started and I was expected to make sure the class kept running smoothly even while I was having a very quick orientation.

I worked not just in the centre but in Dakata community

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