Priority is a singular word


A google search for define priority yields the following result:

Define priority web result
It’s singular

Note the example sentence “”the safety of the country takes priority over any other matter.” Also note the similar phrases: prime concern, first concern and most important consideration. The interesting thing to note about these examples is that they are all SINGULAR. There is no mention of priorities, prime concerns, first (,second and third) concerns or most important considerations.

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Take off a few hats

Judy trying to look after six children

How many hats are you wearing right now? If you have a job, you wear an employee hat. Perhaps you also run a side hustle that employs one or two staff, in which case you also wear a boss hat for your business. You might also be married and wear a spouse hat. If you have children, you also wear a parent hat. What other duties do you perform at home? Are you the chef, the one everyone relies on to organise events or laundry?

End result of too many hats

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Multitasking won’t help you get more tasks done

A guy sitting in a yoga pose with a smile and juggling multiple tasks

I had to learn not to laugh whenever someone lists “multitasking” as a skill on their CV. For so long, we have been fed the illusion that all top performers in their fields are able to multitask and that is why they are able to achieve so much. The belief that the human brain can do two tasks of equal importance at the same time at full efficiency is so pervasive that a job seeker can be forgiven if they include that as a (dubious) skill on their CV. No one taught us better.

For the purpose of clarity, let me put this out here: multitasking is a myth. Research from Stanford University has shown that people who claim to be very good at multitasking performed terribly on memory tests over time. They experienced higher levels of stress and made more mistakes than individuals who focused on a single task at a time. The human brain is simply not hardwired to focus on two tasks at a time.

A sign that reads "Multitasking is a myth. We are serial thinkers."
This sign says it all

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