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The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic revealed a lot about what counts as an essential skill. So many workers, including people pretty high up, previously secure in their roles suddenly found themselves without jobs as more companies looked for ways to cut costs in an attempt to survive lockdown. If you are one of those who still has a job, congratulations. Others have not been as lucky.

In a world where knowledge is being generated at an outstanding rate, having the skills necessary to keep up with it is no longer the responsibility of HR departments. More and more organisations are assuming employees come equipped with certain skills and don’t bother organising training sessions on those skills. Yet how true is their assumption?

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What’s distracting you from work this week? (ii)

Icons of popular social media platforms

Welcome to part 2 of this month’s posts about dealing with distractions. If you didn’t read part 1, it’s available here. This week’s post will focus on how to deal with online distractions, with an emphasis on social media.

The majority of distractions most people encounter during the day come from social media. In an era of ever refreshing newsfeeds and blinking notification lights, you can be caught at the mercy of your phone. There are so many people making posts that there is absolutely no way you could read it all. Social media companies rely on you being online to make money. They need data about your social media habits so they have designed their platforms to catch your attention and keep you coming back. Do you have a report to write this morning, resist the urge to pop into facebook? Turn off your notifications, exit your email client. A friend of mine once referred to social media as “weapons of mass distraction.” It sounds like overkill but If you have ever found yourself laughing at a funny video when you were supposed to be working yet can’t remember how you got there, you understand the danger he was referring too.

Block print that reads "Distraction" many times over
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