Not making a mistake might be the greatest mistake

How many mistakes have you made in your life? If you are like most people, it will be impossible to count them all. Mistakes are a natural part of life. We make them all the time. If you choose to acquire a new skill, you will have to accept you will make a lot of mistakes on your path to mastery. At some point, you have also probably made a mistake at work. It could have been as simple as placing the office keys on the wrong hook. Perhaps you took a decision that in hindsight ended up not working out as you had envisioned. Or you made an estimate that ended up being wildly off the mark.

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Be friends with people who get things done

Abokin ɓarawo ɓarawo ne.

Hausa Proverb that literally translates to A friend of a thief is a thief.

The environment you live in has a subtle effect on your habits. People who have clear workstations tend to get a lot more work done than people whose desks are cluttered. A clear space signals your desire to focus by giving your brain less distractions. Clutter makes it easier for you to procrastinate. If, nothing else, it gives you the excuse of needing to clear your desk before you can start working.

Five people having a discussion around a table.
Who do you spend the most time around?
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You are entitled a million mistakes

"mitsakes" written in a notebook

“And that’s what youth is all about: a chance to make all the mistakes you can and get them out of the way.”

-Richard Templar

Mistakes are a part of life. They are the only way growth happens. How many of them have you made recently? If you are like most people, the answer probably is “not enough.” We work hard to avoid unfamiliar situations because we don’t want to make a mistake and look bad in front of others. We fail to try new experiences and acquire new skills because we know we will make mistakes and fear we will not be good enough.

Five x marks in a row
The more you make, the more you learn

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Learn from Failure

A report card with a big "F" on it

“The Greatest Teacher, failure is.”

-Master Yoda, The last Jedi.

Let me confess, I’m a Star wars fan. The quote above is from a Star Wars movie. With that out of the way, we can begin. Many goals remain unaccomplished because someone refused to try again after they had failed. Crushing failure can stop someone from trying again. Yet the only way to achieve success is to try again. That seems almost like a paradox.

Nobody likes to fail. Some people are afraid to fail. Failure can be very depressing especially if you put in a lot of hard work. I acknowledge all these things about failure. Yet to allow failure to be the factor that sets the limit on what you can achieve is to develop a closed mindset.

Scrabble pieces spelling "Try again"
As often as you need

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