Failure is always a possibility

And they all lived happily ever after. Thus ended many a fairytale. As children, we enjoyed those tales (Although I sometimes wondered what that statement meant). In reality, no one ever lives happily ever after. We have good and bad days. There are days when we succeed in our attempts. There are also those when despite out best efforts (or lack of them), we will fail at something. Being able to deal with failure is an important skill. Fortunately, it is one we can all learn.

It’s not the end
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Lessons from my Paradigm Initiative Journey

Yesterday (15th November, 2019), I left my position as Program Officer for the DakataLIFE program at Paradigm Initiative. When I first joined PI in 2016, I was required to hit the ground running. The 2016A class had already started and I was expected to make sure the class kept running smoothly even while I was having a very quick orientation.

I worked not just in the centre but in Dakata community

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What did you achieve in the first half of 2019?

A spiral notebook. A page is open with the words "Review" written on top

We have hit the half year mark for 2019. Thank you for following my blog so far. It’s also a milestone for me. That being said, what have you achieved in the first half of the year? It’s time to carry out a half year review.

Before you get started

  1. Find a quiet spot. You will need as much focus as you can muster for this. You also don’t want to be distracted midway through.
  2. Have your personal development plan (PDP) in front of you. Your PDP provides an overview of what you set out to achieve for the year and how far you have come.
  3. Have something to write with. It can be a notebook, tablet or the note taking app on your phone. Please turn off mobile data if you choose to use an internet enabled device. You don’t need the distractions.
  4. Take your time. Your midyear review is not something you want to rush.

An open notebook. Three different coloured pens are lying on it.
All set to start your review

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Learn from Failure

A report card with a big "F" on it

“The Greatest Teacher, failure is.”

-Master Yoda, The last Jedi.

Let me confess, I’m a Star wars fan. The quote above is from a Star Wars movie. With that out of the way, we can begin. Many goals remain unaccomplished because someone refused to try again after they had failed. Crushing failure can stop someone from trying again. Yet the only way to achieve success is to try again. That seems almost like a paradox.

Nobody likes to fail. Some people are afraid to fail. Failure can be very depressing especially if you put in a lot of hard work. I acknowledge all these things about failure. Yet to allow failure to be the factor that sets the limit on what you can achieve is to develop a closed mindset.

Scrabble pieces spelling "Try again"
As often as you need

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