Stop being busy and start being productive

Activity does not always equal productivity. The rise in number of online meetings has created a unique problem. People spend all day attending back-to-back meetings. An extreme case was someone who by virtue of having to attend meetings with different teams across different time zones was getting only 3 hours of sleep per day. That’s certainly a busy lifestyle. Is your busyness leading to more productive results? No one is paid to attend meetings but meetings can be very comforting because they give the illusion of work being done.

Does not equal productive
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Be productive, not busy

A gravestone. The words "Let Go of The Busyness" are etched into it

Nigerians are a very busy people. If you go to a Government Office and need something signed, the person holding the stamp is bound to tell you to wait a few hours because they are busy. Never mind, they don’t seem to be doing anything. We are in a hurry to beat traffic lights and complain when KAROTA stops us and demand that we pay a fine. We should be forgiven. We are busy people who just happen to be in a hurry and the light should have stayed green just a few seconds longer. We try to cut queues because we are busy. Should I go on?

A busy man on social media
Doing what?

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Stop telling people you are busy

A man rushing to enter an elevator while holding a wall clock and a briefcase

Busyness seems to have become a National art in Nigeria. People consider it a sign of affluence and success when a person says they are too busy to attend an event or when they show up two hours late using the excuse that they were busy. Sadly, this culture of being busy does not always translate into increased productivity. Being busy and being productive don’t always go hand in hand. If you are one of those who finds life has become too busy for you and would like to regain some time for yourself, please read on. The following steps will help you gain more time a day to do the things you want.

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