It’s a long trip if you are flying solo

Have you ever taken an online course? They are one of the best things that happened in the digital era. It is now possible for someone to learn about any subject they can think of or listen to experts in any field from the comfort of their home. This had led to a proliferation of knowledge (and people with a dozen unfinished online courses). Recently, I began thinking. How many people hear about a great system or learn a useful skill from an online course but never applied it in their lives? They keep meaning to but simply never get started.

Group training
Learning the ropes

One advantage in-person trainings have over online modules is that they often provide you a safe environment to implement something new and someone to hold your hand as you struggle through the first steps. It’s just like learning to drive a car. When you have a supportive instructor, you are more likely to make rapid progress as you trust them to keep you from making the sort of mistake that could result in injury.

Team members who attend in-person retreats with live training sessions often come back more productive than ever and willing to try out the new techniques they were taught. This is because they all had an opportunity to make mistakes together and supported each other through the learning process.

Three people
Carry your buddy along

It’s not just having a good instructor, having a supportive partner also helps you achieve more. If you have struggled with going to the gym regularly, find a buddy willing to go together. Knowing there is someone else committing to the same task as you can provide powerful motivation. Having a supportive partner is so useful that currently, the US army allows new recruits to sign up for its basic training program as a group. Prospective soldiers can sign up along with four other buddies. They will be assigned to the same boot camp and complete training together. If successful, they will also serve their first assignments at the same location. The army recognises that transitioning from civilian to military life can be challenging. Having a familiar face to support you through the process might provide the emotional anchor someone needs to complete basic training. You wouldn’t want to let your buddies down, would you?

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