Do you have an hour?

A lot of people would like to achieve more each day. They want to do things like building a new habit, starting a new project or writing a blog. Most people say they can’t find time to get started on their goals. Surprisingly, the same set of people somehow find two hours each day to watch funny videos.

People underestimate how much they could achieve in a year if they dedicated just one hour a day to work on a goal. How do productive people find time to do the things that matter?

Create a to-do list

If a task is not captured somewhere, it is not going to get completed. A to-do list with tasks arranged in order of priority provides an excellent starting point for most people. It helps you identify what you would like to get done and forces you to dedicate a time slot towards getting it done.

Never fails

Do not Multitask

For the love of your sanity and your productivity, do not even think about multitasking. It’s a myth. Research has repeatedly shown that people who attempt to multitask achieve less than those who focus on a single task. Multitasking also increases your likelihood of making errors, causes fatigue and increases your stress levels.

Know your most productive hours

I am an early bird. I have realised over the years that I am at my most productive between dawn and noon. I get the most done each day if I go to bed early and get a good night’s rest. I have discovered this after some trial and error. Chances are you already know the hours you are most productive. Some people say they are able to get the most work done at night. There is something about the quiet hours that provides them the focus to work uninterrupted on tasks. Regardless which time of the day works best for you, you should have a plan to make sure those hours aren’t wasted on low value tasks.

tea cup
I’ve gotten many creative bursts after my morning tea

Get rid of clutter

What does your work station look like? Do you have trouble finding files, notes and tools when you need to use them? Clutter can be a source of distraction. Clear and organised workspaces provide focus. If you haven’t cleared your desk in months, schedule time to do it today.

This is where ideas go to die

Break it down

How much does your dream house cost? Probably a lot of money. Does the number of zeroes make you flinch? How about making a plan to open an account and save a fixed sum each month towards owning the house you desire? It’s alright if it will take years. What matters is you are making progress. Suddenly, the task doesn’t seem so daunting, does it? Most projects are like that. You aren’t likely to get them done in one sitting but it is possible to chip away at them one hour at a time.

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