You will have bad productivity days

Since you are reading a personal productivity blog, I can safely assume you want to be more effective at what you do. There are plenty of articles out there on how to stay at the top of your productivity game. However, not enough of them mention what to do on days nothing seems to go right.

Murphy’s Law

You are human. No matter how much you love what you do or are good at your job, you will have bad productivity days. There will be days when despite your most sincere efforts, nothing seems to go right. I remember a day when I had planned to print some documents at the office first thing in the morning. When I got in that morning, the generator failed to start. It took some calls and waiting for a repairman to finally get the generator working by Noon. At this point, the Office Printer developed a technical issue that no amount of troubleshooting could solve. By the end of the day, I was so tired and just wanted to go home and sleep. I hadn’t ticked any tasks off my to-do list.

There are plenty of reasons you experience a dip in daily productivity. In my example above, I had to deal with things outside my control. There was no way for me to prepare for both the Office Generator and Printer acting up on the same day. You could have a family emergency or you could get sick. In either case, you probably won’t get much done.

Nothing is working right. It happens

It’s very important you not beat yourself up unfairly when these things happen. Instead, accept them as a normal part of your productivity cycle. You are not an unproductive person just because you had a bad day but you could become unproductive if you allowed the bad day to become a habit. You may not have achieved as much as you wanted, but if you still take the time to review your tasks at the end of the day and adjust your schedule to compensate for the uncompleted tasks, you are well on your way to getting back on track. I assure you none of us have perfect productivity records. The most productive among us are those who have put in place a system for managing the bad days so they never become the norm.

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