Know who you are

The first week of February is here. By now, the majority of people who made New Years’ Resolutions have given up on them. If you are a regular at your local gym, you probably saw a lot more people having a go at the machines during the first week of the year only for the numbers to slowly dwindle down to the regulars by the end of the month.

The same water that softens the potato hardens the egg


Every year, there are people who buy diaries and colour-coded planners in hopes of becoming more productive. They tend to have a friend who uses those items and that friend seems to always be on top of their productivity. Unfortunately, most of those planners will probably end up gathering dust.

Productivity starts from knowing who you are. The most productive people are not productive because they go to a certain gym, use a certain type of planner or have downloaded a particular app. They are productive because they have built systems around who they are. Getting a colour-coded planner won’t help you if you are not the type of person who writes in it every day and takes it everywhere with you.

Do you intend to use this or did you buy it to feel good about yourself?

Different people respond differently to the same situation. What might be motivating and fun for one person can be crippling for another. At the height of the pandemic, many people had to start working from home. While some people made the adjustment rapidly and became even more productive, others found it more difficult to focus. For some, it became a nightmare. The boundary between work and home no longer existed. Now that more organisations are allowing people to return to the office, there is no shame in going back if you found working from home impossible. The office as we know it may have changed but it isn’t likely to be completely eliminated anytime soon.

As an adult, you should have a fair idea what works for you. If you are the type that prefers pen-and-paper, build analog systems to help your productivity. If, on the other hand, you are the digital type, turn your phone into that awesome productivity system you have always wanted. Both systems are in good company. Whatever you do, however, don’t subscribe to a morning aerobics class if you know you are the type who has to cook breakfast and get the children ready for school before you go to work. Not being able to attend the morning class doesn’t make your case hopeless, you just need to find a better time that fits around your priorities.

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