2021 End of Year Post

This has been an interesting year for this blog. I reached 5,000 all time views which means some people actually read what I write. It began with a simple idea. How do I help more people become more effective at what they do? Personal productivity has been an area of interest of mine for quite some time. In 2019, I resolved to do something with that interest. I started a blog. When I committed to a weekly schedule, I was afraid I’d run out of topics to write about within a year. It’s been three years already and that hasn’t happened. It seems each day comes with a new personal productivity challenge.

My hand about to strike a keyboard
Each post was typed one at a time

I have often wondered if it’s possible to reduce personal productivity to its bare essentials. I’m going to try capturing the essence of what I believe in about productivity in 100 words.

Productivity is simple but not always easy. Simple ideas like creating a to-do list, reviewing your tasks for the day the night before and getting started on the most important tasks first thing in the morning are all simple. However, they are not easy to do every day of your life. It’s easier for most people to procrastinate, rest and mindlessly surf the internet. Lastly, if you have underlying productivity issues, an app won’t solve your problems.

Umar Amir Abdullahi (2021)

It will be great if I can come back to this post after some time to see if my views have remained the same or changed. In the meantime, enjoy the Holidays and a Happy New year in advance.

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