Lack of priorities (not lack of time)

In an earlier post, I referenced the formula below:

Productivity = Time spent * Intensity of focus

A friend reached out on whatsapp to ask how he was supposed to find one hour each day for deep focus on an important task. He is a busy man who felt all his time was already taken. Amused, I asked if he was willing to do an exercise that would help him identify how many free hours he had in a week.

A day is 24 hours and a week is 7 days. That means my friend had 168 hours every week. We apportioned hours to some tasks per week.

Work: 40 hours (8 hours a day on weekdays)

Sleep: 56 hours (8 hours each day)

Transit: 14 hours (2 hours each day)

Leisure: 10 hours per week

Volunteering: 5 hours per week

So how many hours did my friend have left?

Weekly time pie chart
Look at the green

My friend has a whopping 43 hours each week that he can use for other tasks. That’s almost two days. Suddenly, his problem was no longer about lack of time but lack of priorities. My challenge for you this week is to calculate how many hours you spend on activities every day of the week. Then find out how much time you still have leftover. I’m yet to find anyone so busy they didn’t have any time left from their allotted 168 hours to work on personal projects.

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