You have earned a nice rest

I have a friend who loves coffee. Her first whatsapp Status update every morning is about coffee. As a tea lover, I often tease her about her coffee drinking habits. This post is not going to be about the health benefits or otherwise of coffee. I am also not going to ask you to stop drinking coffee. You’re old enough to know what you should or shouldn’t be drinking.

Instead, I will use coffee to make a point. I want you to ask yourself two questions:

  1. Are you drinking coffee because you are not getting enough hours of sleep and need the extra boost?
  2. On an average week, how many mornings can you survive without having to drink coffee?

If you need coffee every day, then there is a possibility that you have unhealthy sleeping habits. You may not be getting enough sleep. Your body is screaming for a few more hours each day and instead of going to bed earlier, you choose to mask the symptom with caffeine.

Coffee beans
Is your love a coffee a symptom of something else?

Getting enough hours of sleep each day is good for your productivity. You may have probably read that the average adult needs between 6 and 8 hours of sleep each day. If you are getting 4 hours of sleep because you are working late nights, then you need to reconsider your task management skills.

Productive people are NOT working 20 hours a day. They prioritise tasks so they can get the most important done early in the day. They clock out when it is time and get lots of rest. Lack of sleep has actually been shown to increase errors and the likelihood of accidents in the workplace. Too many late nights are a recipe for disaster.

Stacked Stones
Seek Work-Life Balance

There may be times when you are required to put in a few extra hours to get an important task finished. Such times should be the exception. To stop my friend flaying me when she reads this, I will add this sentence. Drinking coffee might not be bad for you but when you start using coffee as a crutch to get through poor planning, you are setting yourself up for poor health.

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