Start first, Correct Later

Plans are often the missing link that turn ideas into reality. They are a necessity if you ever wish to turn the wishes in your head into realistic goals. A goal, written down and accompanied by a plan has a greater chance of being achieved than one which stays an unwritten, fuzzy idea in someone’s head. In fact, you are 42% more likely to achieve a goal if you regularly write it down.

While planning is crucial, there can be such a thing as over-planning. There comes a point where one is planning for planning’s sake. At that point, planning becomes an excuse not to get started. When you reach that point, what you are doing is PROCRASTINATION.

Don’t overdo it

There is a reason the best plans are meant to be living documents. A plan is never meant to be something that can account for every possibility. That’s simply not possible. Rather, most plans are meant to be a road map. They tell you what to do next and if that step doesn’t work out or takes longer than you had planned, you readjust your plan to meet the new reality.

Different projects will require different levels of planning. Some can be accomplished with a simple checklist. Others will need more detailed and complex formats. There is no hard and fast rule for the level of planning needed to achieve a goal. However, the best plans are often those which identify the next step as clearly as possible. If a simple checklist can do that for you, then anything more complex is unnecessary.

Planning has its place but if all you do is plan, you will never take off. Experience really is the best teacher. Even if you implement a plan and fail, you will have learnt what not to do next time. More importantly, by the mere act of having started, you have already gone further than anyone who kept revising their plan and never got started implementing it.

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