What does your Thursday look like?

The secret to having a productive week is simple: Plan your week in advance. A lot of people spend the weekends having fun and resting. That’s OK. Taking time to rest is an essential part of staying productive. However, taking 15 minutes every Sunday evening to plan your week can give your life much needed direction.

Make a list of the tasks you wish to accomplish during the week. Assign those tasks to the days you intend to work on them. That’s it.

Weekly planner
My week captured in Trello

Did you blink because you were expecting something more profound? The most valuable productivity tips tend to be outrageously simple. Productivity starts with writing down what tasks you intend to complete. A fancy word for that is a to-do list. Planning your week over the weekend by writing down what tasks you intend to do has the following advantages:

  1. It lets you review how much you got done at the end of the work day and move uncompleted tasks to the next day.
  2. It shows you which days are likely to be your busiest and days on which you have so much free time. If you have a very important task that will take you 2 hours on Wednesday, you know Wednesday is not the best day for a meeting.
  3. You can play around with a weekly list. If you find you have too many tasks on Tuesday and almost nothing to do on Thursday, you can lighten your work load on Tuesday by moving some of those tasks to Thursday.

Try it out this weekend. Write down what you need to do in the upcoming week. Get it done. Rinse and repeat.

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