What did you do this morning?

“Start by doing what is necessary; then do what is possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

St Francis of Assisi

I’m a big fan of the early morning hours. I relish getting as much tasks as I can out of the way before noon. There is something about the first few hours of the day when you are awake that provides a huge productivity rush. For me, it tends to be the hours when I have the fewest distractions. Whose house am I going to visit or call at that hour? I have also just woken up from a good night’s rest and I am ready to tackle a difficult task.

Most people claim to be at their most alert before noon. Sadly, those precious hours are often wasted on tasks that might add limited value to their lives. If the first thing you do when you wake up is reach for your phone so you can check what happened across social media while you were asleep, you might be among those falling into the category of those who are wasting their most productive hours.

A folder and a clock
Did you schedule an important task this morning?

Getting an important task done, even if it is just one, can act as a powerful force multiplier that drastically improves your mood for the rest of the day. There is a great feeling you get knowing you got a very important task done before noon. Even if you get nothing else, you know you took one step forward towards achieving your goal. Don’t wait. Create a to-do list with an important task you will like to get done in the morning. Get that task done when you wake up. Then you can reward yourself with social media. It might be the best investment you have made this year.

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