Learn your craft

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic revealed a lot about what counts as an essential skill. So many workers, including people pretty high up, previously secure in their roles suddenly found themselves without jobs as more companies looked for ways to cut costs in an attempt to survive lockdown. If you are one of those who still has a job, congratulations. Others have not been as lucky.

In a world where knowledge is being generated at an outstanding rate, having the skills necessary to keep up with it is no longer the responsibility of HR departments. More and more organisations are assuming employees come equipped with certain skills and don’t bother organising training sessions on those skills. Yet how true is their assumption?

It’s spelt out

The average office worker is supposed to know how to use a word processor, create a presentation and have proper email etiquette. Yet someone manages to prove the exception all the time. How many times have you encountered a colleague who  filled their slides with so much text their audience missed the point they were trying to make.

The dilemma we face right now is as more and more people become less secure in their jobs, they are not looking to invest in acquiring new skills. Instead, they are trying to keep themselves and their families fed. One can argue, they do not have the money to afford expensive coaching and/or professional courses. Yet, if you fail to keep improving your skills, you are going to find yourself unemployable in the  future.

All directions lead to learning
Learning should be a continuous process

The internet can be your friend when it comes to upskilling. You can always watch a youtube video, google how to do x or sign up for a cheap online course on udemy. The time and effort you invest will be worth it. Don’t be the new hire who knows absolutely nothing about Microsoft excel. As Dr Lee said to Devon in the Drumline “if you don’t have the honor and discipline to learn your craft, then quite frankly Devon, you don’t deserve to be here.”

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