Nobody works well under pressure

We have all met someone who proudly declared they work well under pressure. The sort of people who boldly put it on their CV and expect to be rewarded for it. They are most likely the sort of people who annoy colleagues to no end by submitting work five minutes to the deadline and expect to be given a round of applause for it. You may have convinced yourself being able to work under pressure is a skill. Perhaps you also believe you possess that skill. Let me burst your bubble. It is not.

A man in a suit struggling to meet a deadline
You under pressure keeping people waiting

Research has shown that the people who claim to work well under pressure often produce shoddy work compared to their colleagues who do their work on time. The reason is very simple. A person who takes their time to do their work at a comfortable pace well before the deadline is able to do their work in smaller batches. They are able to focus on each task and may even have time at the end of their work to review and polish their effort. Compare that to the person who did their work at the last minute. They probably had to turn in their first effort and didn’t have time to refine and polish it. It might be good enough but you could have certainly done better.

Report writing is one task where the effects of producing work under pressure are easily seen. If you have to regularly produce reports at work, you know it is never a good idea to present the first draft of the report. It is likely to contain quite a few errors. Some figures might be missing. There will probably be incorrect statements. If you draft that report at the last minute and send it immediately you finish the first draft, those errors will not be corrected.

Producing work under pressure is last minute time management. Last minute time management is poor time management. Nobody wants to work with someone who can’t be relied upon to do their work with time to spare. Your boss won’t thank you if you produce shoddy work they have to polish before they can use. Barka da sallah in advance.

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