What do you do with your downtime?

Do you have some downtime this week? I’m sure if you thought more careful about how you spend your days, you could probably find 30 minutes on most days when you are not really doing anything. Do you have any unfinished tasks on your to-do list from last week? It could be an annoying task you have been putting off for a few days such as dropping off your laundry or rearranging the books on your shelf. What if you chipped away at those catch up tasks for 30 minutes each day during your downtime?

A person sleepy in front of a laptop
A lot of downtime is spent on idle browsing

When was the last time you checked your someday, maybe list (also known as a wishlist). I know a lot of people have a list where they put tasks that they hope to get round to at some point in time. Tasks such as watching that film a friend recommended or reading an article you bookmarked. Instead of letting those tasks gather digital dust on your wishlist, use some of that downtime to get them done. You’ve had that film at the back of your mind for 4 months now. It’s hightime you watched the first 30 minutes and decided if you are going to watch the rest of it or get rid of it.

Start thinking more proactively about the few minutes of downtime you have in a day. They could be useful for finishing catch up tasks from last week or completing an item on your wishlist. A lot of your catch up tasks won’t take as long as you thought. You will also get to feel good when you cross it off your list.

A to do list with 4 tasks ticked
Crossing off tasks feels good

Your downtime might also be the only time you have to hack away at big projects. Before you dismiss this as a fantasy, the famous Japanese Author Haruki Murakami wrote his first novel “Hear the wind sing” across a period of 10 months by writing for very brief time periods every night after finishing day shifts at his job. I consider that an excellent use of downtime.

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