Finding Hope

Q2 is over. This is normally the time when you’d do a midyear review of your personal development plan and celebrate your latest successes. Unfortunately, 2020 has not been a regular year for anyone. It is safe to say most people’s plans for the year have been shot. No one planned for COVID-19. You have probably had to adapt to a new way of working. You might have struggled to keep your business afloat and pay your staff. A lot of people are struggling to buy food and aren’t doing much casual shopping. Tailors lamented poor patronage during Ramadan. No one was thinking of making clothes for sallah. Everyone was just trying to survive.

A smiley Icon
This is in short supply

It’s hard to know the toll lockdown has had on people’s health. Even if you happen to be among the few Nigerians who can afford to stay at home during lockdown, you probably still suffered feelings of anxiety and restlessness that came with not knowing when it will be safe to go out again. You may have also feared to lose your job as employers sacked employees to cut costs. Except if you are a civil servant, in which case, lucky you.

This post will not contain any tips about improving your productivity. Rather, it’s meant to provide you with hope. We are all going through difficult times. It is more important, now more than ever, to celebrate the small victories. Your plans may have been ruined but if you are reading this, I assume you are still alive and healthy. That’s something to celebrate. If you have food on the table, if you still have your job or your business is still running, please celebrate.

One day at a time
We will walk out in the streets again

If you are feeling overwhelmed or sad, please reach out. Talk to a trusted family member or friend. You don’t have to go through it alone. If you can afford to help out by donating food to the most vulnerable families around you, please do so. The lockdown has forced many of them into even deeper poverty. Every little bit counts.

Hopefully, the pandemic will pass soon. I need you to remain sane as we go through it. Please stay safe.

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