Staying positive during lockdown

It’s been a difficult time for many. The corona pandemic came out of nowhere and caught the world unprepared. Depending on where you live, you may currently be experiencing a total lockdown. Even if your Government allows you to leave your home, you probably have to abide by new rules to keep yourself and others safe. In some places, Governments have started easing restrictions but there is still a great deal of uncertainty over whether it is safe to go out, return to school or go to the market. Under these circumstances, it is understandable that those who can afford to are staying at home as much as they can.

Stay Home
Not everyone is handling this well

With no end to the pandemic in sight, just staying positive can require extra effort. The longer you have to abide by lockdown rules, the greater your anxiety. Being stuck at home 24/7 might be a new experience for you. Perhaps you have stopped counting the days. Maybe you no longer bother to take a bath every day or change out of the clothes you slept in. These feelings are normal. You are dealing with an unprecedented situation. However, it is very important you do what you can to maintain a positive mental attitude.

Do at least 1 productive thing a day

This seems so small, especially coming from someone who writes about personal productivity but I have to acknowledge these are difficult times. Not everyone can easily find the willpower to keep being a productivity champion. Now that you are stuck at home, it might be a great time to pick that project you have been meaning to start. Clean out the store, go through all the papers you have gathered and get rid of those you don’t need.

A checklist
Just one is enough


I am not advising you to break lockdown rules in your community. If you are allowed to go out, you can talk a daily walk around your neighbourhood. If you are not, find a corner of your house that is free of obstacles and walk up and down for 30 minutes. The physical activity will help take your mind off things.

Maintain a routine

If you are still working, be sure to mark week days on your calendar. Clock in and out of work by filling a daily log at the end of the work day. If you did your laundry on Sunday before lockdown began, please continue washing your clothes every Sunday. The little things you can control might just provide you with the stability you need to keep going on.

Weekend chores list
Where is your routine?

Limit your consumption of news

There has been too much information about the virus out there. It’s hard knowing what to believe and most of it is depressing. If you stay anxiously glued to your television, following pandemic statistics every minute, you are going to give yourself depression. Pick a reliable outlet of pandemic news and check them once a day for no more than 30 minutes. In Nigeria, the ncdc website publishes regular updates on the outbreak. You can get your information from there every evening.

We are all doing our best to adapt to changing times. Stay safe and take care of yourself. If you need help or are feeling alone, please talk to a friend or relative. We are all in this together.

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