Three P’s of unproductivity

P is for productive which you most certainly are. I doubt that rhyme will be adopted in any nursery school. It’s funny how some of the things that stop you being productive all begin with “P.” Let’s meet 3 of them.


It’s easy to believe you can get anything achieved as long as you don’t have to start until tomorrow. Every Bond movie fan knows tomorrow never dies. When you fail to get started on tasks right now and continue to push them into the vague future, you are building a habit that says it’s ok to continue wishing you will start a task tomorrow. The best time to start any task is now. The perfect conditions you are waiting for are never going to align. You will continue to find as many excuses as you want. Productivity is about you finding the discipline to get started on tasks now even when you feel you will be better prepared tomorrow.

A signboard pointing in opposite directions
Going right

Poor Planning

Do you have a personal development plan? A to-do list? A calendar? It’s hard to be productive when you don’t have a clear idea what you would like to achieve. Your brain is good at getting ideas but it’s not great at keeping them. If you would like your wishes to become goals, you will have to write them down. Only when they have been written (or typed) can you start making plans on how to achieve them. Someone I know likes to say “You can be anyone in your head. In my head, I am the President of Nigeria.” Those who get that idea out of their head and into a written format are those who can start the process of turning that wish into a goal and eventually turning that goal into a reality.

Goal. Plan. Success
A goal without a plan is a wish

Personal disorganisation

Imagine, for a moment that your pots and pans are in the kitchen, the knives are in the living room, the grater in the bedroom, the pestle and mortar in the garage and the ingredients for your recipe outside the gate. How easy will it be for you to prepare your next meal? You’d be moving from one room to another looking for one item while the vegetable oil starts burning. The point I’m trying to make is clutter is not the sign of a beautiful mind. If you want to work effectively and efficiently, you must have an organised workspace. Before the advent of computers, administrators were adamant of putting all official papers in clearly labelled files. Files were always sorted into in and out trays depending on whether or not they had been processed. This system provided even the busiest of offices with a system for tracking and managing information. You need to create similar systems for the kind of work you do. Neat and clear workspaces create an environment where it is easier to get things done. If, on the other hand, your desk looks like a tornado has just gone through it, you will find it difficult to find what you need and get started.

A desk overflowing with legos
I don’t feel like working

One more time, to be productive, you need to:

  1. Get started today
  2. Know what you wish to achieve
  3. Keep your workspace neat

3 thoughts on “Three P’s of unproductivity

    1. This is very apt and very timely. May your pen never runs dry.
      There is so much here that speaks to what most people are currently facing. We are all guilty of these three P’s at a point or other, no one is stranger to it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks. Indeed we all must face the hydra headed 3 P’s on a daily basis. A few lifestyle changes make them easier to deal with. Hope you have your goals written down? 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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