An achievable goal is an actionable goal

I’m sure you have a goal. You wouldn’t be reading a personal productivity blog if you didn’t (Thanks for reading my blog by the way). The greatest power of a goal is that it allows you to put down on paper (or cloud) something you would like to accomplish and chart out how you plan to get it done. You can track the skills you would need to acquire to achieve your goal, how long it would take, how much money you need to invest etc.

An open notebook. "My goals" is written and underlined
Are your goals actionable?

How you set a goal determines how likely you are to achieve it. I’m going to use a very lofty example. Suppose your goal was to achieve world peace. Now that is a very huge goal. How likely are you to achieve it? Unless you happened to be President of the World, you won’t be able to stop Nations going to war, you won’t be able to stop border disputes from breaking out or people being violent towards each other? In short, your lofty goal wouldn’t be actionable. You would have set yourself up for failure.

What if you narrow your focus a little bit more? You could try making your goal more specific. What exactly do you mean by achieving world peace? Perhaps you are angry with the rising rates of violent street crime in your State. It’s not right that you no longer feel safe in the streets of your hometown. So you make an action plan to form a neighbourhood association which will partner with the police to set up vigilante teams that will patrol the streets at night. In this way, you have made your goal something you could actually work on. In other words, your goal is now actionable.

The word "Goal" written across a keyboard
Is it actionable?

The next time you write a goal statement or choose to review some of your goals, write them down as things you can take an action on:

  1. Write I will jog for 30 minutes every morning before work not I will become healthier.
  2. Write I will save 10% of my income every month by transferring it to my GTBank account immediately I get paid not I will save more money.
  3. Write I will take my Spouse out twice a month so we can spend more time together not I will spend more time with my spouse.

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