Consistency produces results

There are broadly two ways to get any project done:

  1. You could dedicate a lot of time and effort to get it done in a single burst.
  2. You could do it in small bits that you can manage for short periods of time.

The first method might work for short duration tasks such as rearranging a book shelf, washing your clothes, or ironing your outfits for the upcoming week. It won’t be feasible for longer term projects such as writing a novel, reaching a sales target or saving enough to buy a house. It is not likely you would be able to sit down and produce 60,000 words of a first draft in a single day no matter how committed you are. You are also not likely to be able to reach all your potential customers in a single day. That’s why you come up with a longer term sales strategy.

"Consistency is better than rare moments of greatness"
The quote says it all

The second method is the one you should use if you want to achieve long term goals. Yet many people fail to see how small efforts repeated consistently will continue to add up. Let me paint a picture that will illustrate how consistency of effort compounds. In the anime “Hellsing: the Dawn”, Arthur Hellsing mentions how a single vampire can keep infecting others. If a single vampire infects just one other person per day, this doesn’t seem like much, right? Let’s do a little arithmetic. 1 becomes 2. 2 become 4. 4 become 8. 8 become 16. 16 become 32. Are you following so far? I will save you some time but you can run it on a calculator if you wish. After 30 days, 536,870,912 people have been infected. I swear it’s not a typo. At the beginning, the progress seems so slow but just after a month, you have over half a billion infected people. In another week, they’d have infected the whole world. All because of a consistent effort to repeat the same small task each day.

A graph with an arrow pointing upwards
Going up

Going back to our previous example of writing a book of 60,000 words. Everyone would agree 200 words are not enough to qualify as a novel yet most people could also write 200 words in 30 minutes. What if you made a commitment to write just 200 words each day? After a month, you would have 6,000 words. Still not enough but you have written 10% of your target. In 10 months, you would hit your 60,000 words. All because you chose to write every day for 30 minutes.

I hope you are starting to see where I am going with this. Where is that project you have been procrastinating on? Do you feel it is too big? How many minutes a day are you willing to dedicate to it? Do it consistently every day and you will eventually be surprised at the results.

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