Let’s review our PDPs

The first quarter of 2019 is over. This is a great time for you to conduct your first review of the personal development plan you made at the beginning of the year. A personal development plan is a necessary component for continuous learning and self-improvement. It is advisable that you have a plan for each year and take the time to review the plan a few times every year. Doing a quarterly review is, in my opinion, the best although there are people who support carrying out a review every month.

You want to carry out a personal development plan review in order to:

  1. Confirm you are still on track to achieving your stated goals for 2019.
  2. See how much progress you have made towards achieving your goals.
  3. Verify your stated goals are still important to you.

A regular review is meant to make sure your personal development plan stays a living document. As the year progresses, you will need to make edits and alter it in response to events in your life. If some of the stated goals on your plan no longer make sense to you or no longer have the same importance to you, it’s a good time to consider if those are still the goals you want to chase for the rest of the year. There is nothing wrong in crossing off a goal if you feel it is no longer adding value to your life.

Before you start

Make sure to take out enough time to carry out your review. This is not something you can carry out in 5 minutes while being bombarded by the sounds of traffic. I recommend selecting an hour or two on a weekend when you know you won’t be distracted and there won’t be other tasks competing for your time. You want to have enough time to go through the plan completely. When you finish going through your plan, it’s time to ask yourself some questions.. There is no limit to the questions you might ask. It all depends on what you included in your plan. You can use the framework below as a general guide:

What went right?

Did you achieve all the goals you set out in the first quarter? How many of them were you able to achieve? How many are in progress? Did you finally signed up for those classes you had wanted to take for quite some time?

A green tick mark
Celebrate what you achieved

What went wrong?

Are there any goals you didn’t achieve at all? Was that because you didn’t put in the necessary effort or were there factors outside your control (procrastination is not a factor outside your control)? Was it because you set a timeline that was unrealistic? How much more time do you need to get it done? Is that goal still one you are willing to work towards?

A red cross mark
Accept responsibility for what you failed to achieve

Where do I go from here?

Are you happy with the progress you have made? What unfinished goals from Q1 will you have to carry over into Q2? What’s your plan for making sure those goals are achieved? Are you sure the goals you set are still in tune with your career, financial, spiritual and relationship plans? Have your monthly task lists been updated to reflect the change?

Take your time and be honest. Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t do as well as you thought you did. There is still time for you to catch up before the year ends if you put together a better task management system in place.

A stick man walking across two slabs
We are just getting started

To recap, during your personal productivity plan review, you want to:

  1. Celebrate your successes.
  2. Learn from failure.
  3. Plan for increased productivity

If you feel a bit let down after you carried out your review, it’s normal to feel bad when you failed to achieve as much as you set out to do. Don’t beat yourself up too much. Next week, I will talk about what you can do to have a more productive Q2. In the meantine, have you reviewed your personal development plan yet? Are there areas you feel you haven’t made progress on? Share your thoughts below.

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